Friday, April 25, 2008

Mine Got Talent

OK, we are not signing up anyone for a reality show or Martha Stewart Living. But I slowed down enough recently to be really impressed with the skills in this household.
Of course my skills, I still struggle to ignore ;)

First up is oldest son, otherwise known as The Experimentator. We have a standard Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy. If we do have to go into his bathroom for something, we do it quick. Or else we may see the crusted counter and mirror. You will thank me for not photographing the crusted floor. He does "clean" his own bathroom for allowance. I am proud he has the ingenuity to try new things.

But I am not sure what his Calamine, Benadryl concoction was made for. I don't even see said concoction. It is probably in his sock drawer........Not to self: turn to the manual Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I am slightly worried, however, as it is the start of poison oak season and we may now be low on supplies............

Second up is younger son, the artist. He has good three-dimensional spacial awareness. Even when he eats. It ain't pretty (the eating) but it is interesting. We caught him "after hours drawing". Funny how he chose to draw on his futon, on his homemade Sponge Bob box, next to the recently purchased "Boss Toss." You load up a plastic boss (notice tiny little plastic bosses) in the gun and shoot him/her out. Somehow he lawyered me into getting it because Boss Toss doesn't have bullets, so it is not a toy gun. He doesn't understand that to really enjoy the Boss Toss, you need an actual boss. He still thinks it is fun.

Oh and he has a big desk with a lamp that is perfect for drawing. But I must say his volcano looks pretty good- so who am I to criticize his method? He is also sky jump boy from previous post below. He was doing double back flips. He was 3 stories up! I was too tired and cold to be fretful. No I take that back, I am a cool mom!

And here is dear daughter. AKA Squirrel. More on that later. She is practicing to "be a mommy." She loves to "take care" of her baby. Notice she tattooed her name on babies head, added a few stickers for good measure and then put her in a giant pull up. If I was that baby- I wouldn't be making a peep! She is also helping her dance teacher pick out the recital costumes. At 4 already a fashion consultant.

And I recently discovered my other boys are fabulous broiler pan cleaners. No more soaking in the sink for 2 days. Now I can just put it out on the back porch and it is all clean within 30 minutes. Just a little rinse and I'm done. Thanks guys!

Now, DH is very talented too. He has in the last 12 months: coached 1 soccer team, one football team, head coached 2 basketball teams, taught 4 kids how to ski, took on head football coach for next year's team, played on a men's basketball team, played on a coed volleyball team and worked full-time. And he takes the kids to school every morning. Saint Husband requires prior approval for posted pictures- so I will get back to you on that one.

That is all for now. Everyone have a great weekend!


Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

Ellen & I continue to live parallel lives. She tattooed her name on her baby and added stickers. I glued my baby's eyes shut and told my Grandmother that she had "moneonukeosis". It is probably best that I don't have children.

MamaGeek said...

This was so great. My favorite was definitely that doll in diapers and those furballs TRYING to look innocent! :)

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

What a well behaved baby that is! Perhaps I need to make an investment in some adult 3X Depends which should be equally as oversized on my real rugrats and hopefully keep them nice and contained and quiet while mommy tries to get to feeling better. Oh and by the way, YES! The netti pot (aka the nose bidet). I saw it in action online a while back. There is a particularly funny video clip of a robotic woman performing her cleansing seemingly completely unaffected. Like it's just the most normal thing in the world. While I am very intrigued by the concept, I haven't purchased my pot just yet. Do you think a mid-century modern gravy boat will work in a pinch? ;-)epeiiu