Thursday, February 19, 2009

So My Son

was practicing his cursive after school today. He is seven and full of energy. He can barely sit still. Eating for him is an experience in physics, texture, art and creative dance. For real. So when he said he was practicing his cursive ( you know, sitting sorta still for more than a split second), I must say I was shocked. When I saw that he practiced his cursive by writing me a poem, I immediately went into full mom-brag mode. So here it is (he is in the second grade):


I love you so much, I can't love you more.

I love you so much, you can soar.

I know it is not long, but I think it is spectacular :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Career As a Swimsuit Model

Was launched in 1971 and short-lived. As you can see, I really did not have the right attitude. I don't know what my mother threatened me with to take these pictures, but it must have been good. I sported this lovely navy and white wrestling style one-piece swim suit. Considering we lived in Hawaii at this time, I am pretty sure my mother had much trouble finding a swimsuit so outrageous. My sister got a slightly more feminine style in some sort of pastel color. I guess the photo shoot was to contrast the tomboy with the not tomboy. I do give myself credit for perfecting the pout/scowl decades before this was en vogue. We are not sure about the contraption pictured behind us, we probably used it to restrain our youngest sister (not pictured) I am sure I could have tied dear Moira up to that thing, I was looking buff!