Monday, November 17, 2008


The art of damage. My lovely friend Susan, with her ridiculously neat handwriting and riduculously warm heart, sent me a note with a notecard enclosed for my mom. I got her letter in a plastic bag that says "WE CARE" compliments of the US Postal Service. The letter was torn open and the pretty stamp torn up. Hmmmmm... and Susan was recently seen with a shady character at a gas station rendezvous. Something tells me her life is much more exciting than my own. I don't think anyone has ever been that interested in some letter I sent. If letters could talk.....

And speaking of damaged, that reminds me of my damaged goods: stock portfolio, the retirement account, my car, my body and part of my soul. Once when you hear "You have cancer" you can't help but to always have at least one foot in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I think I am down to just my pinkie toe. My body,heart and spirit are healed. But to move on after damage, that is something I did not do alone. See below.

I am rejoicing the launch of Hayley's website ThereIsLifeAfterBreastCancer. My poor pitiful story is there. It took me 6 months to write it. Hayley, on the other hand, can express her feelings easily and beautifully. Her hard work and dedication to the the cause of living after breast cancer is much appreciated!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Desperately Seeking Sanity

HA! I finished holiday shopping. Boo Hiss from the crowd ;) Well, everything but 2 gift cards and some dolls for dear daughter's doll house. Shhhh. Don't tell her. Dear husband knows the secret: the doll house is really for me. I think I even have room for it in my room. Dear daughter's room is very crowded......

What have I been doing? Well, pondering life's great mysteries. Like why Tupperware can not ever stay organized? Why do I have to click "OK" twice to delete spam, but deleting important emails is instantaneous? Why do rude people exist? Are we over-parenting our children and setting them up for failure? Why can't girls join the wrestling team? Why don't I ever have any cute shoes?

And as Eminem says "Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity" Who knew that dude could be so prophetic?

So I have recently been fooling around with some snarky logos. Tell me what you think....

Get your Gossip Central gear here.

Get your Enablers Anonymous gear here.

I have a few others up my sleeve.