Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Never Too Early for a Christmas List

At risk of sounding materialistic, and not teaching the true meaning of Christmas, we have officially started the kids' Christmas lists. And as we all know, birds don't get much for Christmas, so starting a Christmas list in October does seem wrong on many levels. But the reality is dear husband and I were desperate for some down time and needed something for the kids to do with enthusiasm. In their rooms. By themselves. For a good hour. Writing up their Christmas lists (and really the relatives will start asking soon what they need/want) was just the ticket last night. Two of the three turned theirs in today. I guess we should have discussed a budget beforehand......

First, dear five-year old daughter, who must have had some help from older brother for the first 16 items. Yes, 16.

1. Nintendo DS

2. French Manicure Nails

3. Haircut set with Makeup

4. Hot Pink Cell Phone

5. Give All the Kids Toys

6. Shiny Shoes

7. Five Books

8. Toy Pony (thank goodness it was "toy")

9. Barbie Doll Stickers

10. Toy Wiener Dog (thanks Jan)

11. Toy Kitten

12. Remote Control Parrot

13. Remote Control Helicopter

14. Toy Ghost

15. Crown + Wand + Fairy Suit

16. Camera

and then she thought some more and wrote in herself:

That is "FAKE driver's license" for those of you not used to deciphering 5-year old spelling. I think she did pretty well.

I think I can take her extra passport photo and glue it on an old gift card.......

Dear 7 year old son had at least 30 items. A round up:

cheat book for Nintendo DS, ipod plus songs, art stuff, artist's stuff, fool's gold, sling shot, remote control motor boat and car, crystals, valuable coins, toy ghost, toy zombie, gift card, water gun, nerf gun, camera, bike helmet, pokemon cards, cloneship lego star wars, bionicles, droid ship, marsh mellow gun, books, action figures.

So there you have it. Still waiting for nine year old son's list. It should be a doozy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Am King

Not of the blog world, obviously. I have been very naughty and let life and troubles distract me from this great venue. (Get well soon Mom)

I am in the mood again- hip, hip hooray!!

Now back to business. I read that some men are trying to snipe post-partum depression. I am not going to dis true mental illness*, but come on!!!! If you didn't just get over being pregnant, with accompanied hormonal changes, for 10 months and then top it off with a natural birth, medicated birth and/or surgical birth, just after which you started or feel guilty for not having started, breast feeding, then you DO NOT get to claim you are seriously depressed after birth. Now the mother of your child has to deal with your whiny ass too?? Get over yourself, change a diaper, settle your baby and deal with it. I hope these men don't try to take our menopausal martyrdom away, oops they already did. What does that leave us? Menstruation I guess. Oh that's right- men can have "mood cycles" too. Enough already. I hope they keep jock itch and roid rage to themselves.....

I have discovered that there is no such thing as "I pee peed my bed just a little." At least not in my house. I have also discovered that you can wake up, weigh yourself, go to the toilet and weigh yourself again and you can be a pound heavier. I won't watch the debates for the same reason I didn't like watching Siskel & Ebert~ can't stand people arguing. But, at the same time, I discovered some things are worth arguing for, like defending your own family from people with a misguided and wicked agenda.

And I learned that my mother, who will loose her hair any day now from chemo, ordered a head tattoo kit that came with a bunch of temporary tattoos for her head. She got three of the following design:

"I am King"

She is going to use them.

* Tom Cruise~ please honey, get yourself some medication before it is too late.