Friday, September 26, 2008


I guess I didn't know that Moms got homework. This is in addition to regular mom work. I understand the schools have a limited budget. And I appreciate all the effort teachers put into projects for my kids. But it drives me nuts when a note comes home Tuesday that dear son needs to bring a package of dried apples (always handy) in on Thursday morning. Which means I HAVE to go to the store on Wednesday. This screws up my "I only got to the grocery store once a week" creed. Hmmm.... I am beginning to see where my eldest's inflexibility may have come from.........

And if I don't hand everything as per requested- I will get a bad mommy grade.

I wish I just got a list at the beginning of the year with all of my momwork so I can get extra credit for getting it done early. It probably, with three kids combined, would look like this:

Marge's Momwork

* 10-12 snapshots of each child and family, pets, etc. (which may or may not be mangled, cut up and/or returned )
* 2 liter soda bottles- empty (chug-a-lug)
* birthday snacks for a class of 30 (nutritious, no nuts and something they won't think is gross and throw around the room) x3
* party napkins for 30
* juice boxes for 30
* 3 boxes Kleenex
* 2 inch binder
* ruler
* ice cream toppings
* sign a million papers
* collection of 100 something (buttons, cheerios, etc.)
* dried apples
* makings for a giant panda diorama
* 5-6 shoe boxes, some decorated
* 2 dozen hard-boiled eggs
* cake mix for the cake decorating contest
* hard candy for the carnival
* old holiday cards
* poster boards, markers
* report covers
* pine cones
* red glitter
* trombone (got a call from dear son at recess, he needed a trombone by 2:00 that day)
* music for trombone
* about 50 miscellaneous items- TBA (of course)

I am thinking my mom only got stuff for my science projects. She didn't know how easy she had it. So if you see me hightailing it to Von's with teacher's note in my hand, wave hi and make me smile. I maybe will smile back :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uhh...are you freakin' kidding me?

is the improg word of the week. I felt it when my oncologist called me yesterday to tell me my last body scan was "fabulous," "normal," "the best one the diagnostic center has seen all week." Which also means I am done with cancer. Finito. I won b*tch. Not FOR SURE, according to the medical community, because I don't deserve that yet and they are too chicken to lay it down that way. But according to me I am most definitely done.

But just as euphoria hits, I remember my mom is in the hospital with newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Coupon Code: NEVER

That's right. I am physically incapable of executing a coupon in real life. I forget them in my wallet, forget to put them in my wallet, bring the wrong purse....... and if the coupon actually makes it out of my wallet at the store, it is expired. So when I saw that the improg word of the week was COUPON, I almost started to sweat. Then I realized I can make some virtual coupons for myself and all my good bloggy friends. So here they are.......feel free to use as many as you like and send them to your well-deserving friends!