Monday, February 25, 2008

The Package, the Gate and the Mercedes

OK, I have been thinking about how many "incidents" I have had in recent years. Well, the breast cancer takes the cake- lots of damage control and repairs there. I have also had run-ins with vacuum cleaners, loose dogs, washing machines, laptops, king snakes and assorted cooking disasters. Probably there are some more in my excuse for a brain, but they got swept into some dark corner.

But I can not deny that last week I really pulled a good one. As in lots of $$$$ and damage control. Simple as we received a box at the end of our driveway that contained the frame for a futon we ordered from Target. A friend was watching the kids for awhile (another no school weekday) and I was bringing home the groceries. See the box as I drive in. Brilliant idea of getting the box myself, since hubby rode his motorcycle to work. Complications: gate and steep, long driveway up to the house. Now I know most people think it is pretentious to have a gated/fenced property. We are really saving the neighborhood from our wild animals: the three dogs and the three kids.

Anyway, back to my brilliant idea. Park inside the gate on the steep hill, put on parking brake. Load box, heavy, but fits in the tail of the "crossover" Mercedes. Supposedly a cross between an SUV and a wagon- you decide. Hatch can't close, but I am just driving up the hill and figure that can't be a problem. Get back in the car, release the parking brake and gun it. You can see right now where this is going can't you??? No, I did not fly up the hill and burn rubber. Instead I skid back and slam into the closed gate. I try again and in the middle of gunning it, I realize I am in neutral. Now, I don't think I have ever put a car in neutral in my life. Why I inadvertently develop this skill at this exact moment is just... Murphy's Law or something.

So instead of being calm and rational, I throw it into drive and there is some friction in the back- but who has time to notice? Get up the house. Think about being in complete denial- but there are groceries that have to be unloaded. Look at the back of the car- just some carpet scraped up on the inside of the tail. Interesting. Then I see 4 of the cast metal spires from the top of the gate. Even more interesting as now they are in my car and no longer attached to the gate. How I am going to explain this to my husband? Well that is going to be priceless.

Long story short: he was completely understanding (I always tell him to know me is to love me), it will cost $700 to repair the gate, he glued the spires back on with Liquid Nails and we are blowing off repairing the car for now. So for the next 2 weeks (ordering parts for the gate) I get to realize what an idiot I am every time I have to get out and open/close the damn gate.

OK I think I am good on incidents for awhile.


ML said...

Now that is funny, I don't care who you are....LOL

PinkGirl said...

That's a good one Margerie. Now I don't feel so bad, but my adventure cost me $1150 :)


Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

Is the futon frame okay?