Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thanks Hillary

My 4 yo asked me what sniper fire was today. I guess I shouldn't listen to the news so much in the car. I was her age during Vietnam- but don't even remember hearing ANYTHING about that war. And my dad was in the Navy. But he was not in the war, thank goodness.

Today, something wonderful happened. I went to help out our local Cancer Resource Center. They are having their grand opening on Saturday. I would have loved to have a place like this when I was diagnosed. You kind of expect them to hand you your "To Do List" when you get your diagnosis. What to do, who to see, how to tell your family, etc. Uh uh, nuh uh. You (in the height of emotional turmoil) have to figure out everything yourself. Dr. Google didn't help either. Anyway, this new place for people with cancer is AWESOME. So much information in a soothing, beautiful place.

I met a man there, whose daughter died of cancer several years ago. He set up a foundation in her name. The foundation has many fundraisers. They help cancer centers all over the state of CA by buying them computers and libraries. He was there setting up the brand-new Macs. What love, dedication and generosity.

OK to lighten the mood, here is one of my breast cancer cartoons. I don't know if it is universally funny, but it really did ALMOST happen to me:

And finally, tonight my hubby decided to take the kids out to dinner unsupervised. He let them order some volcano/ice cream/hot fudge monster after dinner. Kids were on a sugar high at 8pm. They were upstairs giggling for an hour and then they clomp down the hardwood stairs (at 9:30!) looking like this:

It is now almost 10 and the sugar crash tears have begun!


Susan said...

I grew up watching the Vietnam War on the news during dinner. I cried when Walter Cronkite retired. He was like a member of the family--we had dinner with him every night.

(Even though I cried when WC retired and I cried at the dump, don't get the idea that I cry ALL the time.)

We don't watch or listen to the news with our kids much, but my son is a political junkie anyway. Go figure.

The cancer resource center sounds fantastic!

Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

That picture is going to be great when somebody gets married...

I am totally stoked about the caner resource center. I think the only problem with it is that people don't know how much they need it til they need it.

We will need to continue to be its cheerleaders!

MamaGeek said...

That picture is such a framer! LOVE IT. Those cancer resources look extremely worthwhile. And how sad is it that a child has to question sniper fire in today's world?

*le sigh*.