Friday, April 11, 2008

WoooHooo I am a Winner

I want to thank Popsicles and Lollipops for having a bloggy give-away and drawing my name. I won a vintage trio. I must, I must get my sewing machine in action. Oh, the update on the machine is I need to get it serviced :(

Fame and fortune, vintage fabric pillows and possibly my pride will have to wait until I cross this off my "Honey-Do-It-Yourself list".

Honey-Do-It-Yourself List:

* find place to service sewing machine, bring it in (new addition)

* get dear sons to send thank Q's to the people that donated to their school fundraiser (good luck with that one)

* plan dear daughter's 5th birthday party with child-chosen theme: karaoke and swimming (maybe decorate with a fish and microphone?)

* put together a Breast Cancer Surgery binder for the cancer resource center (doesn't this bring up fond memories?)

* call a local printing shop and beg them to let me get a better price on 12 shirts, because I can't afford to print 48

* make a No Hair Day design for a baseball cap and donate some to the cancer center

* fix ipod or laptop or whichever is screwing up- can't charge up the ipod now (why oh why must these things be so hard??!!)

* check out the stuff on the boat that has been under wraps all winter: moldy granola bars, dried-out wipes, rusted utensils, congealed sunscreen, soggy toilet paper. (Actually if these are the only things I find- I will consider myself lucky.)

Oh the fun, the glamour... Wait- that is Hayley!

Anyway, a couple of recent funnies...... My daughter walks in the kitchen this morning and asks me "Mom, remember yesterday when we had that peace?"
(She was referring to the 15 minutes we had to put together a puzzle in her room while her brothers were doing something sneaky and naughty being quiet. And no I didn't remember!)

I was making dinner last night, while talking to dear hubby and supervising dear son browning the ground turkey. I pushed the trash can in. It is on sliders in the cabinet. It kind of bounced back, tried again, finally on the third try it goes all the way back and I close the cabinet. About 5 minutes later I hear "Mmmeeoooowww? " from the trash can cabinet.

Poor Melissa (AKA wet butt fir in my kitchen sink) kitty.


Susan said...

Margerie, how funny is it that you won this--especially the fabric--from my Postcrossing/Blogger friend Karen? Congratulations! Now get that machine up and running.

Your sewing guru (ha!)

p.s. I'd love to see photos of your mom's fabric and patterns. And I'll be down in the summer. Shall I bring a fistful of US$ and an extra suitcase?

Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

I TOLD you that you were born to blog. You are hysterical.

Let's see, I know that Emily has a favorite sewing maching repair place - I will put you in contact with her if you want.

Left Coast T-shirt company prints all my t-shirts, hats, etc (if I don't use Zazzle or CafePress). I don't know if it would work because they have a set up fee and changing it up might be expensive. Anyway, tell Jessica you know Comet Realty.

Remember that peace. What a great thing to say. Gotta love that little girl! Tell her my flowers are still brightening up my desk!

MamaGeek said...

Oh how funny! I love your witty prose Margerie!