Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mystery Solved

I like birds. I like birds. Did I say I like birds? I feel guilty that we cut down some trees to build our home. To make up for it, I have been feeding the wild birds, including the turkeys, relentlessly. This last summer, I added a hummingbird feeder to my circuit. Loved watching those hummers. They were bossy and sneaky. The feeding politics reminded me of the corporate world: one top bird, the rest scurrying around the feeder whenever they could, looking like they were doing something else if the boss flew in.

Anyway, I expected the nectar to go unused at some point this past winter when the hummers left or hibernated or whatever. Note to self: read up on all those bird books. But the nectar kept getting slurped up, and I never saw any hummingbirds. I figured they were just shy in the winter, so I mindlessly kept refilling the feeder. You know where this is going right????

Today Dear Son walks around the corner outside the house kind of licking his face and hands. I asked what he was tasting and he told me "that great hummingbird juice."

So there you have it. And I was blaming dear husband for the sugar highs. And this boy has two dentists for parents. They will probably write me up at the ADA.

On a different note, I overheard my dear daughter's bedtime banter with her dad. She said " Dad, I know you stole mom and you are not my real dad!" (He made her clean up her room.) I piped in asking "Where was I when he stole me?" She replied "MOM!! This is a CONVERSATION, so don't listen!"


Susan said...

This is really funny.

I like birds too, but we can't have bird feeders here because they attract the bears. I like bears too, but we're not supposed to be attracting them on purpose.

Even though I've never heard your daughter speak, I can just imagine her voice saying that!

MamaGeek said...

Oh this post gave me permasmirk. I can just envision the drinking of hummingbird juice!

I'm the same way - so many feeders, so little birds!