Monday, June 9, 2008


IMPROG = IMPROV + BLOG. This concept was masterminded by my friends Hayley and Susan. Hayley set up an improg site and anyone is welcome to join the fun! This is my first be gentle......

OK. Connection. So easy, so hard to blog about this word. Each day in the life, making new connections and shedding some old. Well, thank goodness. Otherwise, I would still be dragging around a blue fuzzy blanky and sneaking hershey's syrup from the can. I have the:
* not-always-easy connections (some family)
* mostly fabulous connection (dear husband and some other family)
* incredibly, overwhelmingly intense connections (my three kids)
* now distant connections (high school and college friends)
* close connections (friends about now)
* connections with people I have never met in person or spoken to (bloggy friends and discussion board friends)
* an emotionally fierce connection with some other cancer survivors- breast or otherwise.
There are connections I shake off fast (idiots!) and some I am embarrassed to have (there was poop in the washing machine survivor club). I also have connections to our pets, nature and art. Some books make a great connection for me, as do some sweets ;)

I still have connections yet to come. That is the best part- the ifs and whens of the connections I have yet to make. Hopefully they will be plenty and strong. Hopefully I will still be in connection with my best connections today. Hopefully I will be there to have my grand children's connection.

So the word connection to me can be as simple as one thread holding a button on my shirt, or it can be as infinitely complex as the depth of my soul and yours. Yes YOU, person reading this blog. What a crazy connected world. So I a wishing YOU the best connections and Happy Improg Monday!


Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire said...

All hail to all connections.

Now where did I put that eye patch?

This is so much fun I can hardly stand it!

Terrific first improg!

Improgging Fool! said...

Wonderful Improg, my Improgging friend!

Kristi said...

Cutest pirates I have ever seen.

Susan said...

Congratulations on your first improg, Margerie! You're a natural.

I'm glad to be connected to you.

MamaGeek said...

THOSE pirates put Johnny Depp to shame! What a cute shot.

Well done. Glad to be connected!