Thursday, June 19, 2008


is my love for this girl. This girl, who cracks me up with her spirit every day. Now, I know those of you who do not know my daughter will think I am a bored housewife enraptured with my daughter's youth......well maybe I am, but enough about me. She really is a force unto herself. And she is smart, funny and brave. At the age of three, she broke my heart when she saw me get out of the shower, mastectomy scars in full display, and said "Momma, I hope my surgery looks just like yours when I grow up."
I love my boys too. More on them later.

Ten Things I Love About Her

1. When a girlfriend of mine called me to report she finally had some no-kid time and wanted to meet me for coffee, dear daughter was HIGHLY OFFENDED that she was not invited. Because we are her peer group and that was a total dis.

2. "Bella, Bella, Bella Dancerella, pretty little swamp, I can see....." that is how she sings it because that is what they say Mom. Duh! (I am pretty sure it is "pretty little swan", but what do I know? I do like her take on it.....)

3. I was muttering about how to possibly do her hair for her ballet recital. She has a short bob and they want hair in a bun, completely pulled back from face. She came to her not a french-braid, bun or anything fancy mom's rescue by stating "Oh, mom I have it all figured out in my head. You do a little ball on this side, another ball on the other side and just see the back natural. It will be great!" And she is right. Of course.

4. All my friends want her to get a cell phone. Because she wants one and they want to talk to her.

5. She always insists that Barbie drives and Ken rides shot gun.

6. She has a good sense of good vs. evil and was a little disappointed to hear "policemans" don't have cameras everywhere and arrest people on the spot when they break the law.

7. She pointed at the platform stripper shoes her new Barbie, a birthday gift, was wearing and inquired "Mom, what is up with that?"

8. She asked me if girls "can be firemen too?" She also asked if they had to go down that pole, or can they just take the stairs?

9. When the family plays touch football in the park, she plays center and can catch a pass and score a touchdown too. Oh and the grrrrrr football face she makes is pretty hilarious.

10. I was trimming her fingernails, which is sort of a wrestling match, and she declared "Mom, you are one FIERCE nail cutter!"


MamaGeek said...

Oh my heart may have just exploded from the cuteness. I love the sassy in that face of hers!

lisa marie said...

She sounds absolutely awesome! I bet she goes amazing places with her life!

Hearing you tell of her seeing your scars made me think of my middle son and how when he was young he would always tell me, "You look nice today mommy" At 18, that's his little joke with me. His way of picking me up on the down days.

signed, fellow cancer survivor XO

Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire said...

I adore her (and you) fiercely!

shannond said...

so much cuteness, so little time

Carmi said...

Hi Margerie. I poopped over from Susan's blog and, I've gotta say I was inspired within the first 30 seconds of being here.

Your daughter reminds me so much of our beloved Dahlia. I've been calling her a force of nature since the moment she was born, and it's a truth that only continues to deepen. How heartening it is to see parents so enamored of their kids. You've clearly given her the foundation for a great future, and it makes me glad the blogging Gods ensured I crossed your path today.

I can't wait to