Friday, March 7, 2008

Some Questions I Have

1) Is Girl Scout Cookie season over yet? I hope so crunch, crunch.

2) Does anyone else have a gas tank that keeps moving to the other side of their car? That is pretty annoying.

3)What the hell is a super delegate? Are they getting swag?

4) Why does my cat prefer dog food and my dog prefer cat food?

5) Why do I wonder why my daughters room looks like this:

when my visiting parents see her room, they both say it reminds them of when I was little?

6)Are little boys allergic to pairs of socks?

7) Why have I been at the age where all the clothes for women look too young or too old? And I have been at this stage for YEARS?

8) How long does it take to properly train a husband?

9) How many cool people am I going to meet blogging? So many funny blogs, so little time.

10) I forgot my last question. Must have that stay-at-home-momheimers that someone was telling me about. Who was that again?


Susan said...

1. Here, we're in choir fundraiser season and I'm alone most of the day with a case of chocolate bars. I don't think we're going to recoup any of our money.

2. Yes, I do. And it moves around even as I drive around the pumps trying to end up on the correct side.

3. I really don't know. No matter how much I try to learn about this system, I'm still confused.

4. And why does my cat prefer plants?

5. What a relief to see your daughter's room. I'm not alone!

6. Check to see if he's wearing one to match his shirt and one to match his pants, like my former little boy used to do.

7. I wonder the same thing myself. And why are there no stores for women my age? There are stores for younger ones and older ones, but not for me.

8. It's impossible. I've given up.

9. Many!

10. I don't think it was me, but maybe I forgot.

Kristi said...

1. I didn't even get asked this year...usually I get bombarded. Good thing...I need to lose a lot of weight

5. ALL of the rooms seem to look like this on days that both the boys are home all day.

6. My little boy seems to be allergic to wearing socks AT ALL