Friday, March 28, 2008


1) I am getting grey highlights in my hair. Isn't silver the new blond?

2) I found THE sewing machine manual, 4 days after I paid $20 to order a new one, in a box of Easter decorations. This is exceptionally ironic because not only was it in the Easter decorations box instead of the sewing box, but I did not get the decorations out until the day before Easter. Extreme procrastination and disorganization= $20.

3) My friend Jan was brave enough to thread my machine once I unearthed the manual. Thank you Jan. Thus, I have forgiven her for bringing each of my kids a large chocolate easter bunny. Off with their ears! Note: only 2 ear less bunnies. One is MIA, either in a tummy or under a bed..... a worry for another time.

Notice Jan is smiling while touching a sewing machine manual. It can be done.

4) We just went on a fabulous ski vacation. I forgot my digital camera. I found a disposable camera. Disposable one got soaked in the backpack when the water bottle leaked. I think Murphy is getting his laws in my paws.

5) I have convinced myself that my mid-day snack of roasted almonds and chocolate chips is a serving of fiber and anti-oxidants.

OK, enough confessing already. I am signing off with a picture just for
Mamageek. This was what my 6 year old tried to smuggle into the car on our recent ski trip. The obsession never ends..........It must have weighed 20 pounds. I am thinking Matchbox 200? Note: I tripped over this suitcase when we got home today. Dear son could not get this heavy suitcase back up the stairs. Murphy- please move out!


Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

I'm impressed with Jan!

And very impressed that nobody bit the butt of the bunny.

And doubly impressed with the matchbox car smuggling.

Susan said...

Do you mean you're developing gray hightlights or you're having them done? Either way, I'm excited to hear it. Maybe mine will be in fashion soon.

MamaGeek said...

A smiling seamstress is NOT an oxymoron? WHO KNEW?

And WOW on all those cars? Is this what I have to look forward to? How funny and thanks for posting!