Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Poem

Mom, You Are Meaner Than You Think You Are

"Mom, you are meaner than you think you are!"
screamed my beautiful four-year-old daughter,
seemingly out of the blue.

Maybe it was the outfit I wouldn't buy (hideous)
Or more probably,
Turning down cupcake number two.

Maybe it was all the scolding
About taking off sand-loaded shoes.
In the house, the car, the dance studio,
So much sand does this little girl ooze.

Maybe it was beyond sassy attitude,
or craved i pod and pierced ears.
So many things that wouldn't fly.
Or the rush for makeup, nail polish, cell phone.
So many things I am not ready to buy.

Maybe she knows I am wishing she won't grow up just yet,
That will have to wait a least a year or two.
So to my four-year-old daughter I said,
"Come hug the mean, old mother of you."


Susan said...

Sometimes I am meaner than I think I am too. Oh, well, as long as it's balanced out once in a while by "Thanks, Mom. You're the best!"

Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

Aren't you glad you are writing this down so you will be able to share this with Ellen when she gets older and has kids?