Friday, December 12, 2008

The Greaty Eighties

Can't you just smell the Love's Babysoft now? I am going to post some old photos from my scrapbook, but gag me with a spoon for sure, don't know how it happened, but I sure remember looking cooler back then. LOL

This chick is not me ----------------------------------->
but I had that exact hairstyle for at least a few years. My kids will be so proud.

My favorite 80's memories:

* when a friend sprayed her hair for an entire minute with a can of Raid on accident~ DUH! It looked a little like the AquaNet can.......

* shopping at Miller's Outpost and a little store called Ragsmatazz for shiny, tight clothes and anything "ESPIRIT"

* going to SF with mom to hit the outlets, back when outlets were little hole in the wall stores or basements scattered all over the city

* feeling kinda left out when all my friends got perms since my hair was already curly

* dreaming of driving a new Datsun 280Z but really driving a Plymouth Satellite also known as "The Shark" which, BTW, can fit up to 10 non-seatbelt wearing girls with big hair and big talk and big aspirations. Also good for Chinese fire drills for the same reason

* Def Leppard, Van Halen, Flock of Seagulls, Duran, Duran, The Cars.....

* the birth of MTV especially the "Rio" video

* eating junk food, including TAB and all the Hostess stashed in my friend Bonti's freezer in her parents' garage, without worrying about fitting into those 501s or acid wash jeans with the high waist

* talking on the phone (the only line in the house) for HOURS about absolutely NOTHING

* dreaming of where to got to college

* dreaming of how the guys will be so much more mature that year......

* counting down the days until the braces came off and then when they finally come off, figure out nobody noticed the braces anyway

* staying out of "The Stoner Bathroom" at high school

* going to football games/the movies at night when it was probably 20 degrees out not wearing a jacket of any kind

* chewing green apple gum because it stunk like pot and somehow that was cool

* telling my parents I was spending the night at Jessie's house (oh so naive they were..)

* wearing bright red nail polish and matching waterproof lipstick, covering up curling iron boo boos and the occasional hickey

* cruising down Jefferson Avenue on Friday and Saturday nights in Napa~ woohooo!

* in college working in a store's lingerie department and seeing the look on the wife's face when I would say hi to my
professor(s) as they both walked by

* "Oh My God!!!!!"

* cassette tapes, empty hairspray cans and hairbrushes scattered all over the inside of our cars

* passing notes while driving in cars

*hard alcohol was wine coolers

* working out was aerobics. period. workout clothes involved leotards, headbands and reebok high-top sneakers

Well, found my high school portrait. You can even see the pink feathers, but you can't see the ugly tube top you had to wear under it. Sun-In in my hair and some ridiculous lip gloss and eyeliner. Also strangely preserved are some of my swim team photos. Notice the red nails and lipstick even under water...

I would love to have that old hair back.....

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Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire said...

Whoa...memory lane...thanks for the trip.

I'm wondering if the Aqua Net didn't have something to do with our hair falling out. Maybe it wasn't the chemo!

You are still hot. And I like your hair now. But you could possibly incorporate that pink boa into everyday wear. I'm sure there is one on the floor of E's room. Go get it and wear it all day!