Monday, March 23, 2009


That is how I think my mind is constructed. Pieces of brain matter stacked, unstacked, rolling around, put on hold, empty, asleep, keenly aware, overworked, in need of a sugar fix, mixed-up, set on fire, multi-tasked to submission. Kind of like being schizo, only much more middle aged- wifey. My reasons? Here are some of the my current realities:

* My oldest son has a serious sports injury (pulled an arm muscle) that prevents him from even holding up a book, much less writing, doing homework, drawing or doing chores. Injury occurs while wii bowling. Now we have to explain said injury to his teacher and his baseball coach.

* My daughter is the Queen of Stubborn but she is no match for me :)

* My other son (the middle child) has been on his best behavior as of late, and it is also true that I probably notice him less :(

* I used to be a power feminist, but now if someone would consider me a trophy wife, I would consider that a compliment.

* I always said I would never have plastic surgery or get tattoos, yet I did lots of both. Oh yah, and I never thought I would need an oncologist either.

* I have been wondering what exactly "going to hell in a hand basket" means and is it worse than just going to hell plain?

* I have noticed we no longer get turkey turds all over the pool deck in the spring because we now have two German Shepherds. But now we have german shepherd turds instead.

* Speaking of the pool. I have at least 5 bathing suits, but I always need a new one. You know the fantasy one that is comfortable and cute and make you look 20 years old again.

* Your cat can and will screw up your Wii yoga session. Thanks Melissa.

* You can be an atheist with kids in Catholic school. Maybe there is a support group for that.

* And along those same lines, you can make a purple Jesus out of clay for a class assignment in the name of "it is called creativity Mom!" Did I mention that ivory/beige and brown clays were all available?

* Middle son is petitioning for a "rise" in his allowance and his argument includes "Show me the money Deep Pockets." Need to find second grade reading regarding the recession.......

* I can absolutely assure you that force= mass x acceleration because no force is moving my mass......

* I don't think the new parochial school would approve of one of my favorite youtubes of all time

And that is all for now folks. Play safe and sane out there!

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shannond said...

You always make me laugh!