Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meow Love Rock and Roll

Shame, shame, shame... has been eons since my blog groove has been on. Sometimes the brain gets overloaded with serious business~ like Department of Defense work and managing my career as a desperate housewife.

Speaking of ........ on yet another shift of Desperate Housewife, I caught Patrick using the microphone. You see our living room has been converted into a karaoke/hip hop haven by some little people that I sometimes yell at. Mr. Furball found the microphone abandoned....... easy on the teeth there dude!

So after photo taking, I thought I would put a Warhol twist on FuzzNuts.

And in Amazingly But True News, someone has recruited me to officially use my creative side and wants me to travel around with her promoting There Is Life After Breast Cancer- Volumes 1- Indefinite. I guess I passed the no drama test in DC. So stay tuned.

But be sure to visit the There Is Life After Breast Cancer site for a hint of the fabulousness that Hayley is cooking up. And for any breast cancer survivors out there, do not be shy. Let your creativity flow and submit some of your work :)

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Susan said...

Love that cat!