Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Squirrel's Store

Yesterday, I knew it was coming. I am a seasoned veteran by now. The signs were there. Literally. Silly me assumed they were taped. They were glued.

You see, I have attended many shows and patronized many shops organized by my kids. I think my most expensive purchase was a 25 cent rubber ball and I have seen "The Worst Magic Show Ever" for 10 cents. I guess the modern world does not deal with cents anymore, because my keyboard does not have a cents symbol. Anyway, I guess I am happy the kids are such entrepreneurs.

OK, back to Squirrel's Store. I went after school.

I had to chose my package: hairstyle + face painting + nails or nails+ hairstyle + face painting. I picked the first one. Cost me a quarter. Now I look closer at the poster Squirrel's brother, The Artist, drew up for her.

Hairstyle choices: choice 1- Mohawk, choice 2- spiky hair, choice 3- pretty girl, choice 4- handsome boy, choice 5- unisex. Some were crossed off, so I assumed they got complaints about those. I must note that these were my interpretations. I chose #3 (pretty girl) because who knows? Maybe she can perform a miracle. I was informed that #3 was braids and was not for me. Hair too short. So I then pick #5 (unisex) and my stylist informs me she is not sure it will work because "Your hair is real crazy." Dear Squirrel has not seen Seinfeld- or else she would have said the fact- it looks like Kramer's hair even on a good day.

Check Spelling

I got my hair combed, "blow dried" and then we went on to face painting. I passed because the face paint supply was actually nail polish. Now I know why her brother was complaining about the makeup she put on his chest. I kept telling him to wash it off in the shower and he kept saying it would not come off. Then I picked out a nail polish color. Trust me the bright green was the best.

Then she had to get to her next customer, and brushed me off. Didn't even ask me when I would like to make my next appointment. Her assistant was pretty lazy- he just laid there.

So I am 25 cents poorer, but oh so rich in my heart.


Susan said...

Lovely posting, Margerie!

We've had our share of stores, doctor's offices (not THAT kind of playing doctor), haunted houses, etc. But the big things in our house were always concerts and plays. Child One gave his first guitar concert at the age of two, after seeing some buskers on the street. Child Two was a back-up singer in Child One's band before she was even a week old (she slept through most of the performance).

I get to see the kids perform "for real" quite a bit now, but I miss those impromptu rock shows, Nutcracker productions with teddy bears in the cast, and written-on-the-fly plays that went on forever and ever.

Hayley Townley, Breast Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire! said...

I might have gone for #1 - mohawk. And it was probably good for your skin to opt out of the face painting. Green nails are in right now.

Yay Ellen!

Kristi said...

I love her signs. Instead of store signs around here, here we get treated to treasure maps. They are actually quite extraordinary.

Colleen said...

That is just *too* funny! I LOVE little girls - esp ones with great imaginations!

Love your WW, too - so pretty!